Nutritious Semolina Loaf (savoury)

1 cup semolina
2 tbsp whole wheat flour
=E2=85=93 cup chopped spinach leaves
=E2=85=93 cup shredded carrot
=E2=85=93 cup sweet corn kernels (semi cooked)
1 egg (substitute with =C2=BC cup extra curd)
=C2=BC cup curd
=C2=BC cup olive oil
=C2=BC cup shredded cheddar cheese
1.5 tsp mixed spices (black pepper, chilli flakes, oregano, thyme and
=C2=BD tsp baking powder
=C2=BD tsp baking soda
Salt as per taste

1.Sift together semolina, whole wheat flour, baking powder and soda and salt
2.In a big bowl whisk egg and add oil and curd to it
3.Now slowly dry ingredients to this mixture and let it rest for 5 mins
Semolina tends to absorb the moisture.So add 1 or 2 tbs of water in the
batter so that it does not look dry. Batter will be thick
4.Throw in spinach, carrot, corn kernels and cheese into this batter along
with spices and mix well
5.Greae and line a loaf pan and pour the batter into it.You would rather
require spooning as batter will be thick.Smoothen the top using back of
spoon and level the batter in the pan by tapping against work platform
6.In a preheated oven (180 degrees), bake in the middle rack at 160 degrees
for 30 mins till u notice browning on the egdes
7.Take out from oven and allow it to cool in pan for 10 mins.Shift to wire
rack for complete cooling.
8.Slice using a clean knife dipped in water for neat pieces and store in
an airtight container…keeps good for 5 days

P.S. Use as many and any veggies you want!

Recipe credits – Bandita Thakur from Ovenderful FB Group






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